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Follow-up is Key

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I've been reminded lately of the significance of staying on target with follow up calls. Once you have made the initial telephone call to a potential customer, prospect or client and left a voice mail message, it is important to not just stop there and wait for the phone to ring! Follow up is key in outbound outreach sales and business development.

According to experts in the field, it usually takes anywhere from 9-11 "touches" to finally reach a live voice. This is so true.

How easy to just give up after no-one picks up on the call and your voice mail is not returned. Here is what I have found...once your initial call has been made and you have left pertinent information for the person to call you back; you immediately follow up with a very brief email message that states when you left your voice mail message with brief key points to stimulate the prospects interest. Keep it short and concise.

Once your follow up email is sent; wait 24 hours and call again and continue the process, only the next email should contain something informative about what you are presenting to the person. This second email follow up should contain information that will inform and educate the person in relation to their work or company. This process allows you to keep your name on top of the prospect’s mind.

Not to be confused with sending "email blasts", your follow up emails (to the voice mail) is personal and sent individually to the prospect. You can be friendly and conversational as well. The outbound follow-up communications can be repeated as often as you like, until you reach the final conversation with the person you are reaching out to!

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