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The True Value of a Value Proposition

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

As a cold caller, telemarketer, virtual recruiter, you only have a few seconds to stimulate interest and to create excitement for the business you represent. The value proposition or “the elevator pitch” is a brief statement that piques the prospect’s interest in your company and allows you to go forward with the call. I recently completed a calling project where the value proposition and the leads were developed by a third party for the company. After reaching out to numerous prospects, I realized the lead’s demographics did not match the value proposition. That being said, the value statement, the introduction, the few seconds to stimulate the prospect’s imagination was not as effective when “pitching” to the wrong private business owner. I did achieve a measure of success on the project, learned from the experience and enjoyed my third party company affiliations.

The true value of the value proposition is to be able to say to the right prospect; here is why you need to listen for a few more seconds, because our company is different and we have something that no-one else offers in quite the same way. The value statement is the “spark” in the spoken words that allows you to stimulate a conversation and stay on the telephone just a little longer!

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